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TeleDirect reduces operational costs and removes the stress of running internal call center operations on your own. Highly trained inbound call center and outbound experts in Florida will help expand your reach.

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Inbound Call Center

Get uninterrupted access to our dedicated inbound call agents who specialize in your needs.

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Outbound Call Center

TeleDirect supports outbound growth goals across multiple state industries—ideal for the Sunshine State.

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Customer Service

Our scalable service options offer trusted experience and support to your customer base.

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Lead Generation

Assist Florida tourists and attendees as they register for opportunities related to tourism, travel, and business.

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Reservation Services

Book for insurance, marketing, education, and other needs through expert inbound representatives.

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Market Research

Leverage your Florida business opportunities with in-depth customer data.

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Tier I Tech Support

Outsourced tech support boosts business in Florida with managed IT services.

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Customer Retention

Address customer concerns and questions in real-time with outsourced service options.

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Retain More Business

Attracting new prospects is essential, but businesses also need to retain and keep Florida customers happy. Give your business a competitive advantage with attentive, personable service.

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Save Resources with Tech Expertise

Troubleshooting customer IT issues can put a strain on your Florida resources and tech teams, resulting in frustration. Avoid those bottlenecks with outsourced support and professional IT services.

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Serve Multiple Industries

TeleDirect offers Seminar Edge, a full-scale reservation platform to make the experience seamless for Florida call center clients, regardless of whether they work in marketing, insurance, finance, or other key industries.

Florida Call Center Services by City

The Sunshine State draws in millions of tourists, visitors, and new residents each year. With thriving business ventures across multiple industries, Florida business leaders need options for expansion, revenue, and positive experiences.

  • Boca Raton
  • Clearwater
  • Daytona Beach
  • Fort Myers
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Pensacola
  • Sarasota

Our Florida Call Center Service Stats

Florida clients choose us for positive customer relationships and proven outbound tactics.

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Florida Call Center FAQs

TeleDirect is a U.S. based call center with 24/7 inbound and outbound offerings for Florida businesses. We offer flexible and scalable solutions that help you save time and resources.

Call centers are typically inbound, outbound, or a blended model. At TeleDirect, you’ll have access to all of these services so that you can expand your customer reach and save money.

TeleDirect’s highly trained agents handle close to 10,000 calls every month. We provide speed, precision, and professionalism when interacting with every unique caller or business use case.

TeleDirect’s average time to answer incoming calls is 11 seconds. Our agents are focused on reducing wait and handling times to create exceptional experiences for your customers.

Our monthly call center call volume is 9,400 calls, which equates to over 300 calls daily. We score close to 2,000 calls to achieve results that Florida clients seek for growth.

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