Introducing TeleDirect ACD. Go Mobile!



- Southern California Public Radio

"Over the three years that KPCC has used TeleDirect, they've proven to be responsive to our needs and sensitive to our messaging. Each drive, the service they provide just gets better and better. From the training of their call takers, to the awareness of the staff, TeleDirect gets the job done. Working with the TeleDirect team has not only been beneficial and cost effective, but very pleasant as well."


"I have to say that WGVU made the correct choice going with TeleDirect as our new in-bound phone service vendor. We were impressed before last Friday night, but that sealed the deal. When Buying the War aired we expected it to be a normal pledge program for us that may have a call or two straggle through to TeleDirect. We could not have been more wrong. TeleDirect took 236 calls for us in that two hour period as we were completely overwhelmed. TeleDirect never missed a beat proving that your service is worth it's weight in gold."

- Acquire Financial Marketing

"I appreciate the professionalism that your company displays. I like the fact that I can monitor my Customers results on line, this allows to me to be involved. I also like the way you break down each seminar by date with the number of attendees. Keep up the good work. I will keep them coming."